Sound and Cinema | Elation M1 HD M-Series 40 Universe DMX Controller
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Elation M1 HD M-Series 40 Universe DMX Controller


Elation M1 HD M-Series 40 Universe DMX Controller

M1 HD continues the tradition of the M1, being one of the most ergonomic lighting consoles on the market. With the full power of a larger desk and the agility of a smaller one, the M1 HD is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one lighting desk.

With more processing power than ever, the M1 HD sets again a new standard as the most powerful and affordable full-featured lighting console of its category on the market.

M-Series Licensing

  • 4 DMX 5pin XLR ports
  • 40 Universes (Artnet, sACN)


  • All-in-One Solution with Integrated Processing
  • Folding Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen with 4 Encoders
  • 34 Playbacks, 8 Encoders for Fast User Access
  • High-Resolution Folding Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen
  • Integrated Industrial High-Speed Processing
  • Digital LCD Buttons for Fast and Direct Parameter Access
  • 8 Digital Encoders for Parameter Control
  • 12 Customizable Function Keys
  • Multiple Wing Attachment (M-Series Modules)
  • 4x DMX Universes Direct from the Console; up to 40 Universes via Artnet and sACN without External Processors
  • M-Series Manager Software for Programming and Triggering via Time and Calendar Schedules, RS232 and IP triggers
  • Customizable Graphical User Interface with Context-Sensitive Toolbars and Integrated Help Menu
  • Powerful Effects Engine
  • Controls up to 20480 parameters
  • Built-in 2D Visualizer for Selection and Real-Time Visualization
  • 1000 Cuelists with Fader Control
  • 1000 Cuelists with Playback Control Buttons
  • Two Separate Playback Sections
  • Parallel Execution of Multiple Cuelists
  • Submaster, Groupmaster and Override Functionality
  • Parameter and Time-Fanning Functionality
  • Auto Update for Presets and Cues
  • On-the-Fly Global Timing Adjustments
  • MaxNet Synchronized Programming and Playback Support
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