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The 4A Alpha Panel features an attractive wood veneer face crafted with a mathematical sequence of slots that adds one-dimensional scattering / diffusion. Behind the blonde face is 4″ of rigid fiberglass – NOT FOAM – for true absorption. The rigid fiberglass core provides twice the low end absorption over similar foam-based products.


  • Highly attractive, modern, and decorative
  • Standard dimensions: 23.75″ x 23.75″ wood face – blonde veneer
  • 4A Alpha Panel depth: 4″ sturdy wood frame with rigid fiberglass core
  • Standard weight: 8 lbs
  • NRC = 1.05 (versus foam products where NRC = 0.4)
  • Thin wood veneer face has mathematical sequence of slots for spatial diffusion, but also allow low frequency waves to pass through to the fiberglass panel for low end absorption
  • Rigid fiberglass core provides twice the low end absorption over similar foam-based products
  • Easy to wall mount with sawtooth hanger (included). No glue or destructive adhesive when mounting
  • Available as 2A Alpha Panel with a 2″ profile and the thicker 6A Alpha Panel with a 6″ profile. Contact us for pricing.
  • Panels available in our 9 standard, quality GIK Acoustics fabric options
  • Additional Guilford of Maine fabric choices available
  • employs ECOSE® technology absorption material and is manufactured with LEED certified Columbia Forest Products (made in the USA) formaldehyde-free technology

The A4 Alpha Panel is an attractive choice for a room where mid and high frequency chaos needs to be controlled but not removed. In a control room, the A4 Alpha Panel can be used on the front or back walls and rear sidewalls to keep the reverberation better mixed and the room lively. In home theater and two-channel audio rooms, the A4 Alpha Panel can be utilized on the rear sidewalls or behind dipole speakers to round off sharp reflections. The A4 Alpha Panel is also right at home anywhere in a tracking room or other large spaces, helping spread out the energy evenly across the whole room.

The 4A Alpha Panel is constructed as a 4″ wood-framed panel filled with rigid fiberglass absorption material (core made from 100% recycled materials, environmentally friendly without any formaldehyde or urea formaldehyde), wrapped in your choice of fabric, and finished with a thin wood face which has a mathematical sequence of slots for one-dimensional scattering/diffusion.

Scattering high frequencies with the use of wood slats in a mathematical sequence allows you to achieve an even decay time from low to high frequencies, while providing the necessary absorption to flatten the frequency response.

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